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Pregnant woman dressed in whiteAcupuncture during pregnancy is an ideal form of treatment as it offers a safe, drug free alternative for a number associated problems that can arise. Acupuncture during pregnancy can also be a good way to treat pre-existing conditions.

I have attended post graduate training in acupuncture for pregnancy, childbirth and fertility. I have helped many women with infertility issues and provided them with further support with acupuncture during pregnancy right through to labour.

Acupuncture during pregnancy

For many women, the first sign of pregnancy is morning sickness. It is a very common complaint, usually lasting the first trimester. Acupuncture can be very effective is easing or stopping morning sickness.

For women with a history of miscarriage, acupuncture offers a gentle way to help combat anxiety and support a healthy pregnancy.

As the pregnancy progresses, women may start to experience conditions such as fatigue, tiredness, pelvic girdle pain and back pain. Acupuncture during pregnancy can provide relief for all these problems. All treatments are tailored to your symptoms and specific needs.

Pre-birth preparation

I recommend pre-birth acupuncture from 36 weeks onwards up until labour. This is a excellent time to have weekly treatments to boost energy and calm any anxieties.

If the baby is in not in the right position say breech presentation, I use acupuncture and moxibustion to turn the baby. I also offer to induce pregnancies after the due date. These treatments are only done with full consent of the obstetrician or midwife.

Acupressure for labour

To prepare couples for childbirth, I demonstrate acupressure techniques that will aid the women during labour. Specific acupressure points can:

  • help reduce the pain of contractions
  • stimulate or speed up contractions as necessary, dilate the cervix
  • help the baby descend down the birth channel
  • and provide an overall calming effect for the mother so she can focus on the birthing process.

Advice on acupuncture during pregnancy

For more advice about acupuncture during pregnancy and after childbirth or to book a consultation, contact Maria using the Inquiry Form.