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Common ailments treated by acupuncture include stress, anxiety, fatigueMost of us at some point in our lives we will experience episodes of ill health or stress related conditions. For many, these episodes may become prolonged and,in some cases, last a lifetime. Acupuncture can help in both dealing with the problem and as a preventative method to promote long-term health. Just some of the common ailments treated by acupuncture are outlined below.

Hay Fever

Hay fever can fill sufferers with a feeling of dread as the winter comes to an end and spring and summer begins. Hay fever (seasonal allergic rhinitis) can affect one in five people at some point in their lives. It is estimated that it affects more than 10 million people in the UK.

A number of studies indicate that acupuncture may help to relieve the symptoms of hay fever. It reduces the sufferers’ dependency on medication and the unwanted side effects some drug treatments can cause.

Acupuncture is used to strengthen the sufferers’ immune system, so helping to reduce their symptoms. Treatment is most effective if sufferers have acupuncture before the start of the season. For instance, if you are allergic to spring pollen then March would be a good time to start treatment.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) a digestive disorder and symptoms can vary from cramping, bloating, diarrhoea and/or constipation, which can come in bouts. IBS can be triggered by stress, after eating certain foods, and by irregular eating habits. The cause is unknown. It commonly starts between the ages of 20 to 30 and mostly affects women. This condition can disrupt people’s lives to the extent they begin to suffer stress, anxiety and even depression.

Acupuncture works well in regulating bowel movements, easing bloating and discomfort, as well as dealing with any additional symptoms such as stress, anxiety or depression.


Stress-related conditions affect around 500,000 people in the UK every year, which often leads to illness. Other that contribute to stress maybe pregnancy, alcohol, divorce, movinghouse, death in family or unemployment.

Symptoms of stress can vary from person to person such as insomnia, panic attacks, anger, frustration and lethargy. Acupuncture can help with both the physical and psychological causes of stress and may help the patient feel relaxed and better able to cope with the problems of every day life.

Advice on common ailments treated by acupuncture

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Other techniques that may be used to complement acupuncture:


Needle inserted in upper back with moxa burning on top of needle

Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) is a dried herb. This herb is burnt to heat needles or used directly used on acupuncture points on the skin. Moxibustion has an influence on qi (energy) in the body and has the ability to circulate qi and blood and warm any cold conditions.


Acupuncturist cupping on a persons back

A vacuum is created in a special glass cup which is then placed onto the skin, usually the back.  This therapy is designed to increase circulation, relieve muscle tightness and tension.


Electro acupuncture leads clipped on needles above and below knee

Clips are attached to needles and these connect to an electro-acupuncture machine which produces very tiny electrical currents. This therapy may have a long lasting effect on pain and inflammation.